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Treatment Options

Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) Treatment

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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), also known as "Magic Liquid", is a dental product that is revolutionizing dentistry in a very positive way. By arresting and preventing caries, SDF offers an alternate care path for toddlers and children for whom traditional restorative treatment is not possible or challenging. Imagine a 2 y/o with caries and us being able to stop the process of the cavity (arrest it) and eliminate sensitivity by painting the tooth with the magic liquid SDF, without the need of anesthetics, needle or drill! How cool is that?!! Preventive care from the pediatric dentist can save time, money and teeth. Call us to schedule an evaluation to determine if your child is a candidate for treatment with SDF!

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as “laughing gas”, is widely used in pediatric dental offices with children receiving dental care. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes this as a very safe, effective technique to use for helping children tolerate dental care. It is ideal for use in our office because it is very safe, begins to work rapidly, and is quickly eliminated from the body. Children are not put to sleep when breathing nitrous oxide, but are fully conscious and keep all natural reflexes. Please note that nitrous oxide is intended to decrease anxiety. As such, it is not always effective in extremely anxious/fearful children. In those situations, pharmacological intervention may be necessary for work to be completed in a safe environment. Dr. Agrait will discuss all options with you to help you decide which is most appropriate for your child.

Outpatient General Anesthesia

Outpatient General Anesthesia is recommended for apprehensive children, very young children, and children with special needs that would not tolerate treatment using traditional methods. General anesthesia renders your child completely asleep. This would be the same as if he/she was having their tonsils removed, ear tubes placed, or hernia repaired. This is performed in a hospital or outpatient setting only. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about treatment under general anesthesia.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Brushing braces - Twinkle DentistWith Early Interception, we can transform lives! The primary objective is Guidance of Eruption so that Dr. Agrait  can create a stable, functional and esthetically occlusion and smile. The main responsibility is to recognize early and appropriately manage abnormalities in the developing dentition. Early diagnosis and intervention can have both short-term and long-term benefits in your child’s smile, self-esteem and relationships in their lives. Some of the Benefits of Early Treatment or “Age Appropriate Treatment” are:

Article Findings: “Photographs of children with normal dental appearance will be judge to be better looking, more desirables as friends, more intelligent, and less likely to behave aggressively.”   Shaw, WC. The influence of children’s dentofacial appearance on their social attractiveness as judged by peers and lay adults.  Am J Orthod 1981:79. 399-415.

Here at Twinkle Dentist we can help your child with Airway Obstructions, Oral Habits, Crowding (crooked teeth), Crossbites, Space management, Bruxism, Profile, Overjet and Overbite Issues.